Inspired by emblematic representations of female figures in the history of painting, the two-channel video installation (un)becoming explores the transformation and evolution of female subjectivity beyond perceptible reality and in the fields of imagination. The ever-present social gaze burdened with expectations towards female beauty cannot but coerce certain behaviours and ways of being at the expense of free and unapologetic expression. Inevitable is thus the fragmentation of self between how one “should” be and who one wants to become. 

In an attempt to reimagine themselves beyond the prescribed regulations of centuries, reservoir peacocks resort to the visual amplification of inherent urges and invisible forces of femininity. In a simultaneous ritual of dressing and undressing their social roles in domestic sanctuaries, yet surreal landscapes, they initiate a dialogue between their bodies and nuances of nature, aspiring to awaken untapped territories of seeing and being seen. Levitating between present and memory, floating on the surface of dreams and drowning in themselves, their metamorphosis entails elegance and grotesque, force and silence.

An orchestration of sensations. 

A process of self-determination. 

A deconstructive reconstruction.